From Strategy To Transformation: An Interactive Process Application Landscape

Application Management

Published on 13 Jul 2018

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A Generated Process Application Landscape

This landscape was created on Dragon1:

  • First data was imported from external systems.
  • Next a model was created relating all the data entities.
  • Then several views (as filters on top of the model) were created.
  • Finally the views were linked to a visualization template resulting in the interactive visualization shown above.

In this way Dragon1 is a very productive and unique product. Anyone can make re-use of the visualization templates and generate landscapes using imported data.

Application Rationalization done SMART

What if you could reduce the dependency from a business process towards a software application step by step?

Finally there are no dependencies anymore and you can switch off the application and save costs.

The BIG trick in this all is to find: what are the dependencies, where are they and how do we want and how can we reduce them?

For that we need activities in processes and modules and functionality in applications. And with this information, we can create a Process Application Landscape Map on Dragon1

About the Process Application Landscape

This is an interactive Process Application Landscape Diagram created here on Dragon1.

With this visualization you can communicate three strategic issues to board members and directors:

  • Where the process landscape and application landscape is not aligned enough
  • where it does not fit the enterprise strategy well enough
  • what regained focus in projects is needed, what deliverables should be created and implemented in order to increase aligned and fitness for strategy.

We have some Dragon1 guided demos for you to give you a first impression creating Process / Application Landscapes.

If you need to create an application or process landscape yourself and could use some support and coaching on-the-job, purchase a user license and we can start today.