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Mark Paauwe

Published on 06 Sep 2016

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Memory Games are a Great way to Educate

I have created this memory game for two reasons. The first reason is to show you some features of the Dragon1 modeling and sharing platform. An the second reason is to bring gaming and especially memory games under your attention.

Although Dragon1 is a specialized Enterprise Architecture Tool (EA Tool) and BPM Tool, it is also a modeling and sharing platform. that means the content you create on it, does not always have to be Enterprise Architecture Diagrams or Business Process Models, in order to be useful or of added value to communicate your message.

Dragon1 Interactivity Features

There are a variety of interactivity features you can make use of in the Visual Designer (the web application in the Dragon1 application suite where you design models and diagrams).

To list a few of features:

  • Configurable rules per shape or type of shape on a visualization (event, condition, action)
  • Have a click on a shape result in going to another visualization
  • Have a mouseover event or mouseout event on a shape result in a color change of a shape of have a shape or set of shapes appear or disappear.
  • Have a double click on a shape result in flipping, turning or flying a shape.
  • Have your shapes on a visualization change color on pageload because of an attribute value in the database or on a file or on a url.
  • Any of these events can be used for any type of configurable action.

Memory Games

If you want to boost the memory of your kids, really nothing works better than memory games.

Memory games are well known for their added value of improving memory of kids and do that in an enjoyable, social and emotional way.

In that sense it is strange we don't see that many memory games at the organization. And we also notice when we play memory games with kids, as parents and family, we will loose.

Playing memory games often has the following recognized benefits

  • They are a healthy exercise to your brain
  • They improve your concentration
  • They enhance your cognitive skills
  • They boost your the brain functionality
  • They train your visual memory
  • It increases your short-term memory
  • It may help prevent memory-related illness
  • It helps to keep you focused
  • It increases your attention
  • Playing memory games against the clock forces you to think really fast

Create Educational On Dragon1

If you are a business professional, for instance an enterprise architect, you often want people to learn something. But in a pleasant (unnoticed) way.

What you can do is change your architecture principle, process model or technical diagram into a game.

  • First you list ten questions people have to answer.
  • Next you think of ten things how to present or ask these questions visually.
  • Next you think of actions people have to do in order to answer those questions.
  • And next you have think of a way of showing the score how well they have done.
  • Also choose a color schema making sure it looks appealing.

Now you have the basic design of your game.

This design you can implement on Dragon1 by creating models, views and visualizations with interactivity.

Check out the Dragon1 Help System for hints and tips and more information about creating interactivity in your diagrams. Have fun!

Help Page on Interactivity: