Enterprise Architecture Overview - Example and Template

Enterprise Architecture

Published on 02 Dec 2015

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Enterprise Architecture Overview - Example and Template

This maybe the first time you see an Enterprise Architecture.

What you see here is a total concept of concepts that are carefully picked based on a strategy.

Every concept here is designed globally (as principle diagram) and in detail.

Projects use the global and detailled designs (or projections) of the concepts to design and realize their solutions.

Business Functions Model

From function to form

Architects design Forms (Concepts) that go with Functions. So this total concept (enterprise architecture) belongs to an enterprise function model. And within that there is a governance functions model, business functions model, information functions model and technology functions model

It is important to note that a functions model is NOT part of the architecture, but rather the background or foundation for an architecture. Functions in itself do nothing, they only group activities.

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