Business Professional

Are we all Business Professionals?

Dragon1 is modeling, diagramming, and presentation software for Business Professionals. You can use Dragon1 as your personal Innovation Lab. Maybe you are a business professional? Read on and you'll find out!

The Profile

As a business professional, you work as part of a team and make use of information and technology as best as possible for the benefit of the business, company, or organization, in the sense of improving the way of working and thus realizing goals more quickly.

business professionals on dragon1

Business Professionals on the Dragon1 Platform.

Having this in mind, we have constructed Dragon1 as an Innovation Lab in such a way that it supports a variety of roles and jobs in an organization: architects, designers, project managers, and auditors. the main tasks these people do are Concept Design, Innovation, Business Modeling, Project Management, and Enterprise Architecture.

We will now go into more detail about who these roles or jobs are and what they can do/create with as their Dragon1 Innovation Lab.


The first type of Business Professional we discuss is the Architect. As an Architect, you design new total concepts for business processes and information systems. On Dragon1, you are supported in creating concept designs, application and process landscapes, business models, diagrams, architecture blueprints, technology roadmaps, and more. You will be very effective in communicating enterprise architecture with these visualizations, thus guiding realization projects in your organization.

A special feature for Architects is that you can create interactive visualizations and 'play' scenarios of models and views. And also you can connect conceptual models with logical models and physical models and interconnect all the views of the models. With this, you have got all you need to design new total concepts successfully.

Dragon1 is not only perfect for Architects. If you are a business architect, information architect, application architect, technical / IT architect, security architect, software architect, or any other type of organization architect, can also create your specialized architecture products visually. For instance, Vision Statements and Landscape Diagrams of your architecture domain.

Project Manager

On the Dragon1 platform, you can create and manage every product you need as a Project Manager. Whether it's a GANTT Chart, Business Case, Project Plan, Project Landscape Map, Project Start Architecture (PSA) or Solution Architecture.

Using Dragon1 for your project means you have more overview, insights, and control over your project. You can often prevent it by having clear visualizations of the situation on every aspect of your project of the solution it is realizing.

IT Manager

As an IT Manager you want to have an overview of your IT Environment. The platform is fit to create Landscapes, Blueprints, and Artist Impressions of your IT environment. You can create different views of your IT environment so you can make better decisions on various issues.


As a Strategist or Strategic Advisor, you have Dragon1, the Innovation Lab to design, model, and visualize the innovation, mission, and vision of themes, identity, culture, and strategy of any organization and more. You can evaluate and analyze different scenarios and test which one is the best in a certain circumstance.

Business Developer

As a Business Developer or Business Process Designer you have the perfect Innovation Lab to design, model, and visualize new Business Models and Business Processes for any organization.

You can make a complex but manageable business model for new service and product concepts and all the sub-models of your business model are interconnected. So if you change one aspect of a sub-model you will immediately see the impact in other sub-models.

Suppose the organization has new innovative products and services with Robotics, 3D printing, or nanotechnology, it is your job to reinvent the business model of the organization so the products and services can be delivered and managed well. Dragon1 supports you in doing so.


Management Consultants, Business Consultants, and IT Consultants all create reports and plans for their clients. Dragon1 platform enables you to model and visualize your report or pan as a consistent whole and make it effective in communication with interactive click-through visualizations.

What if you can visualize an upcoming change understandable for every participating stakeholder? In this way, you can increase support for your report or plan significantly.

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