Technical Architect (IT Architect)

The role of the Technical Architect

What does a Technical Architect do?

The Dragon1 definition of a Technical Architect (IT Architect): The designer of total concepts (=architecture) for IT Infrastructures (f.i. Production Environments and Test Networks) and the supervisor of the realization of IT Infrastructures implementing the total concept.

So the focus of a Technical Architect is to design Technical Architecture (IT Architecture), where this equals a specific total technology concept / it infra concept, namely a concept consisting of coherent constructive, operative, and decorative IT infrastructure concepts.

If you like you can download the Technical IT Architect Job Description PDF for your internal job profile description. If you want to use this commercially, you need to contact first the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation at

Primary Duties

The Technical Architect mainly creates architecture designs of large and complex systems in businesses intending to make the systems sustainable and future-proof after they have been realized. Examples of architecture designs are a chain of information facilities, an information facility, applications, information systems, data sets, information services, and integration of interfacing.

The Technical Architect is engaged in the development and updating of an integrated vision of the Technical Architecture, part of the enterprise architecture, as the realization of the strategic information policy and positioning of the services of the information facility within the organization. Applying the Technical Architecture for the control, research, development, use, and management of the information facility.

The Technical Architect has the following focus: business processes, service orientation, component-based development, information facilities and IT infrastructure, e-business as e-procurement and modeling. He is an experienced management consultant who is very creative and can design very well. The Technical Architect has deep knowledge of the various concepts and principles, trends, and developments of the kind of information facility which he works with.

The Technical Architect is a generalist at a strategic level and a specialist at the tactical and operational level. The Technical Architect can concretize ideas and vision in realistic designs of complete information facilities or major parts thereof.

Dragon1 as ArchiMate Tool

Technical Architects (IT Architects) make use of tools to create architecture products or deliverables. The most used tools are still: Pen, Paper, MS PowerPoint, MS Visio, and MS Excel.

With tools, a Technical Architect can create business building blocks and fragments, making more reuse of parts of their Technical Architecture.

Dragon1 can be used as an Innovation Lab for Business Professionals and can be perfectly used by Technical Architects (IT Architects) as an ArchiMate Tool.

Technical Architect / IT Architect Training

Dragon1 Academy offers training and certification in the Dragon1 Open EA Method (Dragon1 Foundation and Dragon1 CyberSecurity Certified) for anyone who wants to become a Technical Architect (IT Architect).

Dragon1 Academy believes that certification after training works both ways. As a business professional, you need to take that extra step during training to pass the exam. This will make you master the training theory much better. Also with a certification, you can communicate easier your competencies and capabilities to others.

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