Business Architect Job Profile

The role of the Business Architect

The level of Business Architects act upon vary though. The job can be anything from a Business Information Analyst, Process Architect, to Business Management Consultant.

A Business Architect at best works at a strategic level, designing total business concepts for fundamental strategic business changes from the perspective of the Dragon1 EA Method.

If you want you can download this business architect profile pdf and use it for your internal business architect job description. If you want to use the job profile commercially, you need to contact first the Dragon1 Foundation

Business Architect and Key Tasks

    Translates strategic developments within the organization and in the market, such as laws & regulations and risk management into consequences for the business architecture of the company and its affiliated labels.

    Uses architecture and design as a bridge between mission and vision on the one hand and policy and development on the other.

    Develops and manages the business architecture, process architecture from the strategy.

    Designs, describes and implements processes, organization and products.

    Anchors (operational) risk management.

    Captures the current architecture in models.

    Examines and evaluates future architectures.

    Defines and describes current and future architecture.

    Makes information available on the present and future architectures.

    Executes methods, techniques and tools.

    Follows market developments in architecture.

    Sets and monitors Architecture Standards.

    Develops implementation strategies.

    Tests proposed changes within projects on conflicts with architectures.

    Reports about deviations and advises on making decisions.

    Develops new methods and techniques for describing architectures and submit them for approval to the management.

Some specific tasks of the Business Architect are: Making and (help) use of professional products, giving workshops, participation in architecture projects and reviewing / improving plans, projects, designs and architectures.

Business Architect and Professional Products

business architect

Some important professional products that are created by the Business Architect are:

Architecture notes and – memos, architecture annual plan, business architecture roadmap, business architecture blueprint, business architecture structure vision, business architecture domains model, business architecture functions model, business architecture technical model, total concepts, distribution-chain models, architectures, architecture designs, reference architectures, functional specifications, cost estimates, stakeholder analysis, master plan, user requirements, program of requirements, scenario analysis, impact analysis, risk assessments, views of different viewpoints and architecture visualizations.

Dragon1 as BPM Tool

Business Architects make use of tools to create architecture products or deliverables. The most used tools are still: Pen, Paper, MS PowerPoint, MS Visio and MS Excel.

With tools a business architect can create their own business building blocks, fragments and make more reuse of parts of their business architecture.

Dragon1 can be perfectly used by Business Architects as BPM Tool.

Business Architect Training

Dragon1 Academy offers training and certification in the BPM Tool (Tool Foundation and Certified) and also in the Dragon1 Open EA Method (Dragon1 Foundation and Dragon1 Certified) for anyone ho want to become a Visual Business Architect.

Dragon1 Academy believes that certification after training works both ways. As a business professional, you need to take that extra step during the business architect training to pass the exam. This will make you master the training theory much better. And also with a certification, you can communicate much easier your competencies and capabilities to others. Therefore you cannot only certify yourself as an architect in the Dragon1 Open EA Method but also as a user in Dragon1 as BPM Tool.