Information Architect Job Profile

The role of the Information Architect

What is an Information Architect? What is the added value of an Information Architect in the organization? This page sheds a light on the Job Profile Standard for Information Architect.

From the perspective of Dragon1 Open EA Method, an Information Architect at best works at a strategic level, designing total information (system) concepts for fundamental strategic information services & business changes.

Information Architect Definition

information architect

The EA Method defines an Information Architect as: The designer of total concepts (=architecture) for Information Systems and Structures (f.i. Companies, Service Centers and Business Units) and the supervisor of the realization of information systems and structures implementing the total concept.

So the focus of an Information Architect is to design Information Architecture, where Information Architecture equals a specific total business concept, namely a concept consisting of coherent constructive, operative and decorative business concepts.

Knowledge, experience and competence profile

Basic Qualifications

Higher Professional Education skilled. Additional training in technical, organizational and business disciplines.

Preferred Qualifications

Knowledge of and experience with service orientation, component-based development, data modeling, interfacing, application development, organization of information facility and IT Infrastructure, Information Management and IT Service Management, IT Governance, project-oriented work, process-oriented work, case-oriented work, architecture principles, business processes.

Dragon1 as EA Tool

Information Architects make use of tools to create architecture products or deliverables. The most used tools are still: Pen, Paper, MS PowerPoint, MS Visio and MS Excel.

With tools an Information Architect can create their own business building blocks, fragments and make more reuse of parts of their Information Architecture.

Dragon1 is modeling, presentation and diagramming software for Business Professionals and can be perfectly used by Information Architects as an EA Tool.

Information Architect Training

Dragon1 Academy offers training and certification in the EA Tool and also in the open EA Method (Dragon1 Foundation for anyone ho want to become a Visual Information Architect.

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You can download this information architect job profile pdf using it for an internal job profile description. If you want to use this commercially, you need to contact first the Dragon1 Foundation