Application Landscape Definition

Let us define Application Landscape

What is an Application and what is Application Landscape or Application architecture diagram? Read the Dragon1 Term Definition here.


Application Landscape or Applications architecture diagram is the structure and/or coherent set of all important information systems, services, business objects, modules, functionalities, building blocks, applications (an application is a shortened term for a software application or hardware application), components, interfaces and databases and their platforms, technologies, types, and interdependencies, with regards to business continuity.

A second definition is: an application landscape is the management overview, or set of views, of all applications and their related entities in an organization.

ArchiMate and Dragon1 are examples of modeling languages with which an application landscape can be visualized formally in a diagram.

Create Application Landscapes here on Dragon1

Use Dragon1 to generate application landscapes, reusing data from Aris, BMC Remedy, Service Now, or other systems.

Dragon1 is a collaboration platform for creating application landscapes, system landscapes, blueprints, and roadmaps. With many examples, templates, and checklists we make the work easy for you.

Also, you can import any data from any source. Publish your landscape online to anyone on any device with interactivity and comments feature.

Suppose you have a lot of data in systems like Aris, Service Now, Top Desk or HP Open View, then you might consider using Dragon1 as Enterprise Architecture Solution to generate the 25 default views we have defined for an application landscape.

Your starting point is the Get Started on the Dragon1 Help.

25 default views

Dragon1 as EA method and platform has defined a set of 25 default views as part of an application landscape. With these views, you can provide a satisfying picture for any type of stakeholder.

Read more about the 25 default application landscape views here

Watch an example of 25 default application landscape views here


An Application Landscape, to be effective, should provide the following:

  • A common vocabulary
  • A repeatable approach for setting up and updating an application landscape as a system of building blocks
  • To show how the concepts fit together
  • distinct between business apps, office apps, and (service) management tools
  • Include a list of recommended platforms, technologies, and standards
  • Include a list of compliant products that can be used to implement the concepts and the building blocks
  • vendor and product independent as possible

Where did the Application Landscape Diagram go?

Too often organizations working with enterprise architecture do NOT have their Application Landscape visualized in a (useful) Application Landscape Diagram. Dragon1 open EA Method suggests to you as an enterprise architect to create an Application Landscape Diagram as one of the first visualizations to create. If you create it for your stakeholders they will have much control over reducing the cost and complexity of the application landscape and keeping it agile.

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