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AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – December 21, 2016

The smooth and successful transition to a digital company is now within reach for every organization. Directors, managers, business, and IT from now on will achieve their goals by visualizing the impact of change, risk, and compliance of their projects. Today Dragon1 Inc. introduces its new and updated software solution. Dragon1 is an online business platform with specialized tools for enterprise architecture (EA), IT portfolio management (ITPM), business process analysis (BPA), and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). On Dragon1, you can model your enterprise or parts of your enterprise online by visualizing the 7 layers: Market, Customer and Products layer, Governance layer, Business layer (processes) Information layer, Data layer (applications), Infrastructure layer, and Security layer. If something changes in one layer then it is automatically adapted by the other layers. All this in an agile way. Dragon1 is currently used in over 20 countries on a small scale.

Interactive Visualizations Clarify Strategic Direction

“Directors and managers from small businesses to large enterprises are now no longer dependent on big reports with dazzling financial figures and hard-to-understand strategic IT advise”. “With Dragon1 they can be successful in managing and controlling complex change just by using interactive visualizations, like enterprise blueprints, application landscapes, and technology roadmaps, on their Tablet PC or Smartphone. New companies like Uber and new technologies like Drones and Virtual Reality are forcing every company to change its business model. With Dragon1, Executives take back control over the change from IT!” – Talitha Paauwe Wijnands, CEO of Dragon1 explains.

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Collaboration Framework Enables The Right People To Discuss Strategy

“In the past years, we have been focused on building an online tool for enterprise architecture (EA) but we saw that providing a tool for enterprise architects only still left a huge gap for the users of enterprise architecture products: the directors and managers. By extending Dragon1 with social business features, content sharing, and open content marketing features, we have closed the gap in the governance model of our client's organizations and opened up a world of new possibilities for every business professional in the world!”, Talitha continues.

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Our Digital Platform Drives Agility

“Yes, we make use of all the new and best internet technologies available, but we are also aware that in every organization four different generations of people are working. So we gradually will innovate the digital workplace on Dragon1. Our customers determine and decide on the speed of accepted workplace innovation. Not the other way around.”, Talitha finalizes.

“Next to being a platform, Dragon1 is also an open method and framework for Enterprise Architecture and Project Management. With Dragon1 architects in organizations make the transition from mainstream Enterprise Architecture (practiced as a Strategic IT Consultancy) towards real Enterprise Architecture (Total Concept Design of Enterprise-Wide Solutions)”.

What about visualizing impact of change like this: Dragon1 Blueprint?

Support For the Full Strategy To Execution Life Cycle

“Current standards in the market for Enterprise Architecture and Tooling, focus too much on IT and not at all on people, workforce generation conflicts, culture, and the workplace. Dragon1 places Enterprise Architecture as a bridge between Enterprise Strategy and Enterprise Transformation. Architects see their added value increase significantly because they are now designers of total concepts. They start to create blueprints, landscapes, and roadmaps and build prototypes. Stakeholders, like directors and managers, start making decisions using these interactive architecture visualizations on tablets, PCs, and Smartphones. Instead of most projects failing, most projects will succeed because of this and the change or transformation will be a success.” – Mark Paauwe the creator of the method and the platform explains.


Dragon1 Inc. is a Dutch software company helping organizations to manage change, increase their capabilities, and lower their IT costs by giving them an interactive and integral view of their enterprise, business model, information systems, and IT Infrastructure. Using Dragon1, Executives will get the necessary insights and overviews of consistent and up-to-date information to make decisions on cutting costs, starting up innovation, and doing risk management in programs and projects. Backed by Dragon1 software and Dragon1 training services, clients make a smooth and successful transition into a digital company.

Dragon1, as a modeling and presentation platform with specialized tools, is available in PRO, BUSINESS, and ENTERPRISE editions. The PRO, BUSINESS, and ENTERPRISE editions are SaaS solutions provided via public and private clouds, for management purposes at SMEs and LMEs.

Dragon1 is also an open Enterprise Architecture method and approach for Project Management. Dragon1 promotes real Enterprise Architecture (design and realization of total concepts) as opposed to mainstream Enterprise Architecture (Strategic IT Consultancy).

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