Analyst Relations

Market Positioning

To make it easier for new clients to find us we try to get listed by Analyst Firms such as Gartner, Forrester Research, HfS Research, Digital Clarity Group, Everest Group, ISG, GreyHound Research, IDC, Nelson Hall, 451 Group and OVUM.

Our software product: On Dragon1 as online Collaboration platform with a Digital Workplace, Business Professionals can model, visualize, present, share, manage and get feedback on their products created for the stakeholders.

Business Professionals can use Dragon1 as EA Tool, BPM/BPA Tool, Concept Design Tool, CMDB Tool, GRC Tool as well as Artificial Intelligence Tool.

For one reason: improving current and new products, solutions and services building their SMART DIGITAL Company.

Vendor Briefing Presentations

Here you'll can find the various vendor briefings we have held for our analyst relations.

Dragon1 Enterprise Architecture Software - Ovum

Read the Ovum Vendor Briefing Presentation about Dragon1 in the Ovum Market Radar: Enterprise Architecture 2019.

Dragon1 as EA Tool - Gartner

Read the Gartner Vendor Briefing Presentation about Dragon1 in the Magic Quadrant EA Tool Report 2018.

Dragon1 Platform as EAMS - Forrester

Read the Forrester Vendor Briefing Presentation about Dragon1 in the Forrester Wave EAMS 2017.

More information

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