HOP - Human Oriented Process

Business Process Management

Published on 29 Dec 2016

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Human Oriented Process

Dragon1 is an innovative SaaS platform and open EA Method.

In order to improve efficiency in organizations or environments with a high rate of illiteracy we have developed a process view called Human Oriented Process (HOP).

As you can see in the visualization there is a lot of room for pictures for every activity in the process.


Below the activities you see a focus on roles executing tasks at certain locations. Humans really are centric in this task. The information presented in the process is made as understandable as possible.

Not shown in this view is that you can provide the maximum time for an activity, using a watch or clock icon.

Suppose that as a hospital organization you want to communicate to everyone that hands need to be cleaned before you give any treatment to a patient. Or that the best before date on a product must be understood and checked before a product package is opened or used. Or that only products from packages that were not open before may be used.

If you try to communicate this kind of things with normal and plain business processes or with text, it is really hard to do, especially if the people receiving the message are not educated in reading process models or are illiterate.

With a HOP process view it is much easier to communicate things. You just show pictures of the wrong and correct situations that need to be done.

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