Governance Architecture Blueprint Template - Big Five (#2)

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Published on 16 Oct 2015

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Governance Architecture Blueprint template - Big Five (#2)

The Governance Architecture Blueprint Template is just an example of what you can model and present internally or publish externally as Enterprise Architecture artifacts.

Creating this kind of architecture visualization supports and enables the decision-making process greatly in your organization.

For one: most organizations do not have a single picture of their enterprise or IT governance model and their policy management. And on Dragon1 you can even visualize the architecture of your enterprise and IT governance.

Dragon1 as EA Tool

Dragon1 is an online digital platform with a specialized Enterprise Architecture Tool and Business Process Management / Analysis Tool. Recently mentioned by Gartner in their EA Tool report.

If you want to use Dragon1 as EA Tool you need to buy a user license. We have made it as easy as possible, because you can buy it online here in the Store.

architecture governance blueprint

Realtime information

This diagram you are looking at is live generated from a SQL-SERVER database (users also have the option of ORACLE) and was created via the architecture repository and visual designer web applications on Dragon1.

Dragon1 open EA Framework

This is one of the Big Five Architecture Blueprints (in fact #2) that are part of the Dragon1 open EA Framework

Read more about the Dragon1 open EA Framework here.