ArchiMate Diagram: Enterprise Overview using Layered Viewpoint

ArchiMate modeling

Published on 30 Aug 2015

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About the ArchiMate Diagram

This is an interactive ArchiMate Diagram of the Layered Viewpoint created here on Dragon1.

With this diagram you can communicate configuration and dependencies with regards to specific elements in your organization.

Creating a Layered Viewpoint to have an Enterprise Overview for an ArchiMate Diagram has several specific benefits

  • Creating common insights and overview
  • Communicating the global configuration of several layers at once
  • Making issues discussable and transparent by means of visualization

Using this visual as integral architecture design of a part of your organization increases understanding at stakeholders.

About ArchiMate

ArchiMate is an open architecture modeling language published by The Open Group

You can get the public specification of ArchiMate here.