Dragon1 User Group Brazil

Dragon1 User Group Brazil

Sharing Dragon1 User Experiences on how to Innovate Organizations with People, Business Concepts, IT, Strategy, Enterprise Architecture & Projects

About this Dragon1 User Group

We are the first Dragon1 User group and we are focussing on sharing experience in using Dragon1 and building up knowledge on Visual Enterprise Architecture in organizations.

Join our monthly events in English that are mainly held at the Dragon1 location near the city center of New York, Washington, Los Angeles or other major city.

Ask your questions and place your searches here on topics an issues on Strategy Development, Enterprise Architecture, Solution Design, Project Management and Business Transformation. We are happy to answer them with the user group.

   -- Board of Dragon1 User Group Brazil

Contact Info:

phone:+31(0)317 411 341

Active Members: 5

LinkedIn: Dragon1 User Group
Web Page: Dragon1 User Group Events

Recent Questions

Recent questions asked by people in Brazil are:

  • How to join the community?
  • Cases and References of Dragon1?
  • Who can help me to get started with Dragon1?
  • When is the next event in Rio?

Ask your question here: info@dragon1.com

Recent Searches

Recent searches from people in Brazil are:

  • eGovernment
  • eHealth Principles
  • How to create a roadmap?
  • BPMN example

Projects and Topics

The following projects and topics are under our attention at the moment:

  • Reference Architecture
    Digital Reference Architecture Brazilian Government
  • Concepts & Principles
    10 basic architecture concepts and principles visualized with dragon1

We are busy with new topics and projects. Interested?


The Dragon1 User Group Events brings people together for a meet and greet and to perform activities such as researching a topic and present cases.

Dates next events:

  • - to be scheduled -


Vacancy for board members

We have three vacancies for board members. If you want to become involved and want to help organizing this user group, you can contact us via info@dragon1.com