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This page informs you on how to start and how to embed Dragon1 for the following specializations:

  • Enterprise Architecture (EA)
  • IT Portfolio Management (ITPM)
  • Business Process Analyses (BPA)
  • Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

From Small Businesses to World Wide Enterprises: Dragon1 Helps

Whether you are a Small Business or World Wide Enterprise, Dragon1 helps to solve your problems in starting and managing Changes. Our experts have many years of experience in EA, ITPM, BPA and GRC that will help you get all benefits out of Dragon1.

Suppose you are a Small Business and want to design and visualize a new Business Model, for instance, because of the BREXIT. Suppose you are a Mid-range Company and you really need to cut costs on your IT and processes or transform into a digital company because of competition. Or suppose you are a World Wide Enterprise and want to startup cross country collaboration between your CIOs.

In all these cases we can support you with local consultancy partners to make usage of Dragon1 in your organization to success. If you have your own preferred suppliers, it is an option that we work together with them. And all this will turn your organization into a success.

You Need It Now or Later, But Have No Skilled Resources or No Time

You may need to have an architecture for a project at short-term notice or long-term notice. But you may not have the skilled resources. Maybe a lot of business processes or applications need to be modeled, documented, rationalized and replaced.

If there is a need for EA, ITPM, BPA or GRC, we can act quickly and professionally. We can provide you with an expert from Dragon1 to do the work using Dragon1 for you.

During the work, if you want, you can have people from your organization to be trained and coached to maintain the work on the Enterprise Architecture.

For all of the four specializations, EA, ITPM, BPA and GRC on Dragon1 we have game plans and approaches, templates and examples to be very productive.

Order a Blueprint, Landscape or Roadmap

You may even want to order a blueprint, landscape or roadmap for processes, applications or IT Infrastructure. And have it maintained by your people or an external expert. That can easily be arranged. We are experienced in handling these kinds of requests quickly and professionally.

Maintain Visualization Yourself

Based on our experience we have created a service manual approach. If you have let us or a consultancy partner create a product on Dragon1, you can optionally start to maintain the product yourself. The Dragon1 Service Manual is the perfect support that will make you independent and self-servicing. Call us for more information.

You Want to Evaluate Dragon1 With A Group Of Your People

For this we have developed the Pilot Program. In a period of 3 months' time, we support you in evaluating Dragon1 for one of the four specializations. We have developed a game plan for that so it's clear for everyone what to goal is and every day or week what everyone needs to do.

For more information call us now about the Pilot Program.

You Want to Evaluate Dragon1 On Your Own

In this case we have the Online Help System available. In your own time at your own pace, you can dive into Dragon1 and get started or evaluate it.

At any time you want more help or support, you can count on us and call us.

For more information call us now about evaluating Dragon1 independently.

You are interested in becoming a Dragon1 Consultancy Partner Yourself

If you are a consultancy organization or a training organization and want to provide consultancy or training services in Dragon1, we would love to get into contact with you. Many organizations are out there wanting to make use of Dragon1 and to get supported by experts.

For more information call us now about becoming a listed Dragon1 consultancy partner.

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