Innovation - Why is Dragon1 an Innovation?

Why is Dragon1 an Innovation?

Dragon1 is an innovation. But why is it an innovation? We will explain that on this page.

What is Innovation?

Definition Innovation: A fundamentally redesigned and implemented world-wide unique approach or solution (or way of doing things) that causes measurable efficiency.

So to measure if something is an innovation, you can look at five aspects:

  • What approach, solution or way of doing things is fundamentally redesigned?
  • What are the changes in the fundamental redesign?
  • What is unique about the solution?
  • What measurable efficiency does it cause?
  • Where is it already implemeneted?

Dragon1 fundamentally changes how we do things, it has unique features and it causes measurable efficiencies. If you want to know what these are, you need to read on.

1. A Task-Based Digital Workplace with Specialized Applications

Dragon1 offers as first collaboration platform in the world its users a Task-Based Digital Workplace in the cloud. Replacing completely the old-fashioned locally installed workplace. Also, the workplace offers access to specialized applications. This digital workplace changes the way users do their work at home or at the office completely.

Normally users create documents (like a presentation, spreadsheet or text document) and paste images/graphics in it presenting data into it and mail the document around. On Dragon1 you generate documents based on the data and images/graphics you have in the database and send a message with a link to the document.

2. An interactive ePortfolio generated based on the data on Dragon1

Dragon1 offers, as first collaboration platform in the world, its users a generated ePortfolio with interactive visualizations that the users have created on Dragon1 with the ability of people directly getting into contact with the users.

You no longer have to import data for your ePortfolio. The data in your ePortfolio comes from the same tool.

3. A new scientific theory for modeling and visualizing Architecture Principles

The Dragon1 open EA Method contains a new scientific theory for modeling and visualizing Architecture, Concepts and Architecture Principles. This makes architecture, concepts and principles more effective.