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What is Dragon1 FREE?

The Dragon1 FREE edition is a trial subscription on the Dragon1 Platform, learning and creating visualizations that can be used to lead transformation and guide projects. And above all to communicate about your expertise in blogs on your Dragon1 Page.

Dragon1 as a whole is 1) a digital platform to co-create enterprise architecture and manage project execution, 2) a set of resources including an open method for enterprise architecture and project management, and 3) a community consisting of professionals, experts and job seekers that share visions and knowledge via digital models.

Introducing the World of Enterprise Visualization

Enter the world of enterprise visualization today on Dragon1.

As organizations are becoming more and more digital, we need to create more and more visualizations about the invisible solutions. Visualizations help us to communicate problems and ideas and to create a common insight and overview in a short period of time.

With Dragon1 FREE you will learn all about the world of Enterprise Visualization.


As Dragon1 FREE is provided free of charge for your trial subscription, users can not make any claims of availability, stability or quality of the provided services. We do not guarantee back-up and restore of your data.

The Dragon1 FREE subscription is not for production purposes, but for evaluation and testing purposes.

If you want to use Dragon1 in production, please consider a paid subscription for Dragon1 PRO or ENTERPRISE edition.

Service and Support for Dragon1 FREE

As user of Dragon1 FREE you have the following support options available:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Help pages
  • Discussion Forum
  • Technical service desk - If you run into an issue or bug in using Dragon1 we will respond compliant to the bronze service level.

Your Data, Privacy and Copyright

Every user on Dragon1 gets his own separate database instance. Data is back-upped daily automatically.

Please Note: We do not share the data in your account with any other organizations or provide access to it. We do not try to make money with your data or analyze it to discover trends and target you with advertising.

If we are notified on copyright infringements, we take that very seriously and we will act accordingly. Using Dragon1 means you comply with all of our terms.

Why a FREE Edition of Dragon1?

The Dragon1 FREE edition is meant to get someone thinking and visualizing, even if you are not an architect.

The main difference between the FREE, CONNECT, PRO and ENTERPRISE editions is that FREE focuses on learning and creating visualizations to show to your peers or management. The other editions are focused on creating enterprise architecture and solution architectures for working with architecture in the organization, leading transformations.

Read more about the differences between the editions of Dragon1 here.

More Information

If you have any questions for us please mail them to info@dragon1.com or call +31 (0)317 411 341. You can also check out our FAQ. Here is our contact page