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Special Care company 's-Heerenloo communicates Information Strategy effectively with Dragon1

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's-Heerenloo - Facts & Figures - With a revenue of €600 mio, 14000 employees and 7000 special care clients in 2011, 's-Heerenloo is the biggest and most important special care organization in the Netherlands


At 's-Heerenloo, because of their new Information Strategy, the CIO needed a way of communicating ideas and impact of new information & IT solutions, part of the strategy. The CIO and the management team wanted to create more support for the strategy and wanted to calculate impact of change of to support decision taking more.

Information Strategy

Dragon1 enabled this by letting the client visualize different views of the strategy: static views to show to various stakeholders and interactive / playable views to test and study the impact of change.

The Case

Three visual architecture products were created with Dragon1:

  1. Design Book
  2. Blueprint
  3. Roadmap

Solution Strategy

Below in short these three products are detailed

1. Visualizing Principles in a Design Book

At 's Heerenloo the impact of most important information principles was visualized. The most important information principles, needed to implement in order to execute the information management strategy, were selected.

2. Enterprise Architecture Blueprint

The information principles were visualized and also their impact was visualized with principles drawing in a design book. In this way the management could adjust the impact of the strategy and with the same visualization communicate the impact to create more support.

Information Strategy Roadmap

Information Strategy Roadmap


At 's Heerenloo Dragon1 was used to visualize an EA Blueprint. After a few workshops, data was collected in excel sheets and these were imported in Dragon1 EA Tool - Enterprise Archtiect. And then together with view templates in the tool a layered EA blueprint was created.

With the blueprint everyone in the organization has an overview of the structure. With this it is much more easier to freeze, focus and discuss issues. And everyone has insights in his or her role in the organizations. A lot of benefits with only one visualization.

In the information strategy the roll out of new information services is dictated. The business who ordered for these services was very curious to know when the new information services would appear and what their dependencies were.


Because the business maybe wants to promote certain information services to arrive before others.For this purpose a Roadmap poster was created showing all the business functions and departments side by side and below that the need for and actual of the new information services with their interdependencies

Immediately this roadmap poster had his impact on planning of information services. To the right you see a generic example of a roadmap. The actual roadmap may not be shown here because of information security matters.

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