Case Studies - Government of Maastricht City

The governement of the city of Maastricht has been doing Application Rationalization using Dragon1

Logo of the City of Maastricht

City of Maastricht - Facts & Figures - Maastricht is a municipality and is the 6th largest city in The Netherlands with close to 500.000 inhabitants.


The city of Maastricht is the sixth largest city in the Netherlands. Their application landscape of the municipality was reaching a number of 500 applications, almost 1 application per employee. Also, the cost for managing these applications was reaching far above benchmark.

With Dragon1 Enterprise Architect, the architects at the city of Maastricht create an application landscape and an application catalog. By being able to administer many details on applications and making the catalog accessible with a house-styled intranet search page, the management was able to get a view of the rationalization of applications.

The Case

Based on these views, decisions were taken to shut down certain applications and standardize on others. Thanks to Dragon1 Enterprise Architect, the city of Maastricht has now a lower cost of application management.

Solution Strategy

This is a version of the Application Landscape (in dutch)

This is a version of the Application Landscape (in Dutch)


Challenges were available information on applications. Application management was improving its business processes and the current IT Service Management system did not have the core attribute-values of the applications filled in. So with the help of external students in a short period of time, the core attribute-values of the applications could be filled


The outcome of this project on the Dragon1 Platform was a design book and an A0 sized architecture poster giving much information about the status of the application landscape. Also, knowledge on architecture and what you can do with it was significantly increased by means of this project on Dragon1

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