Business Capability Roadmap


Published on 16 May 2018

About a Business Capability Roadmap

This page will explain the key parts of a Business Capability Roadmap as part of your Capability Development strategy in your organization. Read about workstreams, activities, timelines, and other elements in a good Project Roadmap.

A Business Capability Roadmap is a simple presentation of Ambitions and Goals alongside a timeline.

A Business Capability Roadmap is NOT the place for detailed plans and detailed information.

What are Business Capability Roadmaps used for?

  • To quickly communicate business capability plans & goals.
  • To manage stakeholder expectations.
  • To generate a shared understanding across the teams involved.
  • To communicate plans with other important teams/organizations.

What does a Business Capability Roadmap include?

  • Must Have: The Business Capability Goals articulated; at least in the deliverables listed.
  • Must Have: A timeline – to show when things will happen
  • Must Have: The high-level titles for the big deliverables (don’t get into the detail!!)
  • Should Have: The workstreams in separate “Swim Lanes”.
  • Should Have: Milestones of key events when you expect them.
  • Could Have: Areas of high risk.
  • Could Have: Areas where you have dependencies.

Key Characteristics of a Business Capability Roadmap

  • It gives a sense of the Business Capability Goals
  • Either explicitly in plain words “The goal is …”
  • Or in the deliverables listed
  • It shows the plans for realizing Business Capabilities in simple terms
  • Not too detailed
  • Just the high-level titles for each deliverable
  • You should not have more than 4 per year for any workstream
  • It is on 1 side of the paper (or 1 slide)
  • So – keep it simple and focussed!
  • It shows Business Capability plans alongside a timeline
  • It shows the order of the deliverables; what’s first, and what comes next!
  • You can read it and understand it in 3 mins
  • Anyone who picks it up can understand what it’s about
  • The titles and deliverables are in plain language
  • Avoid acronyms and team jargon
  • It has your name on it – so people can contact you with questions

Do the DEMO for generating a Business Capability Map yourself.

business roadmap

Creating a Roadmap can have useful side-effects

The process of creating a road map, with key stakeholders of the Business Capabilities, can be incredibly useful on its own:

  • It ensures that the team and stakeholders understand capacity
  • It forces priority decisions
  • It promotes a shared understanding in the wider team

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