The IKEA Business Model

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Published on 29 Nov 2016

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Creating the IKEA Business Model

IKEA is one of the biggest companies and well-known companies of the world.

How many people do you know that never have bought something from IKEA? Exactly. None!

As you see we have created an example business model of IKEA. How did we do it, you might ask?

What we have done was study the publicly available information on the mission, vision, business idea and business model of IKEA. This lead to an insight an overview of how we could model it.

Dragon1 Business Modeling means sticking to five golden rules:

  • Draw the stream of goods
  • Draw the stream of money (in opposite direction)
  • Draw the stations where things are done
  • Draw what is done
  • Draw the roles doing it

And there you have: your business model! Just follow the rules.

Business Modeling on Dragon1 by You

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