Enterprise Architecture Blueprint Definition

What is Enterprise Architecture Blueprint meaning?

blueprint definition

Many organizations today make use of Architecture Blueprints. A blueprint plays an important role in strategic changes. But what exactly does the definition blueprint consist of? And what is a blueprint? Let us define Blueprint here on this page.


The definition of an Enterprise Architecture Blueprint, compliant to Dragon1 is: A diagram, schema, or visualization that gives an architect or engineer overview of all important concepts, the logical elements, and the physical components, their attributes and their interrelationships throughout the enterprise with meaningful information.

An Enterprise Architecture Blueprint or Conceptual Blueprint is often used to manage risks in strategic changes. The blueprint helps to pinpoint issues and concerns and scope, design, and realize solutions or changes to the situation within the enterprise.

A blueprint is a diagram that often shows layers with groupings of components in elements and groupings of elements in concepts.

Compared to an Enterprise Architecture Blueprint, an enterprise architecture landscape diagram would be more like a management overview than an engineering overview.

Here is an example of a conceptual blueprint created by many organizations as one of the most important enterprise architecture deliverables.

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