Dragon1 EA SaaS Platform eLearning

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This eLearning online training course is 6 modules. You will learn the basics of the Dragon1 SaaS Platform.

The eLearning online training course is a 'click-button-course'.

After doing this eLearning online training course, you will be familiar with the key features of the important applications on the Dragon1 platform.

This training course includes the official Dragon1 Basic User Tool exam (40 tool exercises). The practical exam will be held throughout the training course. The eLearning online training course will be rounded off with a theoretical Dragon1 Basic User Tool exam.

After passing the examination, you will be registered in the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation register as 'Certified Dragon1 Basic Tool User'.

Version and Platform

  • Dragon1 v7
  • dot NET platform (IIS and MS Sql Server)