What is Dragon1 Enterprise Software?

Dragon1 is unique in its approach towards software

Enterprise Software

business needs

Dragon1 Collaboration platform for Enterprise Innovation is Enterprise Software that answers to business needs.

Enterprise software, also known as enterprise application software (EAS), is purpose-designed computer software used in the furtherance of the needs and objectives of the organization; such purposes can vary widely as in a business, schools, interest-based user groups and clubs, retailers, or government, as opposed to software used by individuals.

Enterprise software is an integral part of a (computer-based) Information System and as such includes website software production.

Business Needs

Dragon1 as Enterprise Software fulfils needs like risk control on enterprise transformations.

Dragon1 supports your business objectives

Short term and Long term

business objectives

Enterprise software describes a collection of computer programs with common business applications, tools for modeling how the entire organization works, and development tools for building applications unique to the organization. The software is intended to solve enterprise-wide problems, rather than departmental problems.

Enterprise level software aims to improve the enterprises' productivity and efficiency by providing business logic support functionality.

Business Objectives

Dragon1 as enterprise software supports the realization of business objectives such as increase revenue and lowering costs.

DEMO: Concept Mapping Software

How to use Dragon1 EA Tool

Learn to generate architecture diagrams using repositories

Data Visualization Generation

DEMO: Enterprise Architecture Blueprint Template

DEMO: Generate an Enterprise Architecture Blueprint to discover and solve RISK

Banking, Logistics, Healthcare
DEMO: Data Mapping Software

DEMO: Generate Application Landscape for SECURITY

Automotive, Financial Services, Health Care
DEMO: Strategy Mapping Software

DEMO: Generate Strategy Map for CLOUD ADOPTION

Government, Logistics, Banking
DEMO: Process Application Map

DEMO: Generate Landscape for RPA AUTOMATION

Retail, Agriculture, Oil & Gas