Expert Program for EA Consultants

What is the Dragon1 Expert Program?

The Expert Program is meant for you as a consultant or architect

You will learn how to produce valuable architecture products/visualizations for stakeholders using the Dragon1 Platform for Enterprise Architecture and the Dragon1 open EA method.

You will learn how to create and generate a strategy map, customer journey, business model, technology roadmap and enterprise blueprint for directors, managers and projects to support their decision making with insights and overviews.

You will learn how to create an Architecture Center (a wiki or intranet) for clients, combining visualizations on strategy, architecture and transformation, to which stakeholders have easy access.

The moment you start your journey to become an Independent Dragon1 Expert, you can opt to be visible to the market in our online register.

As an Expert you and your company can provide great and independent consultancy and training in Dragon1 in your unique way to end-user organizations. And also provide critical thinking on the various architecture solutions and approaches out there.

The Program Elements

The Independent Dragon1 Expert program consists of several elements:

  1. Learning basic, advanced and expert features of the EA software Platform (via eLearning or Class Based);
  2. Learning basic, advanced and expert application of the Dragon1 open EA Method (via eLearning or Class Based);
  3. Creating an Architecture Visualization Portfolio in the form of a Dragon1 Atlas for acquisition of your assignments/projects;
  4. Doing the multiple choice exam online to become Dragon1 Expert for the Digital platform. And doing the multiple choice exam to become Dragon1 Certified Architect (in the Dragon1 EA method);
  5. You will be added to the Dragon1 Expert register and the Dragon1 Certified Architect register;
  6. During the program you are supported and in contact with a trainer from the Dragon1 Academy in The Netherlands.

Your investment for becoming an independent Dragon1 Expert is:

  • 1x Dragon1 User License (for 1 year)
  • 1x Dragon1 Masterclass eLearning Seat 3 (12 eLearning Modules that can be done in your own time at your speed + 2 times 1-on-1 web conference session) for an investment of €5.000,-.

Experienced consultants / architects can become a Dragon1 Expert, provisionally and/or Dragon1 Certified architect provisionally (after an initial assessment) on day 1. So you can update your Dragon1 profile and LinkedIn profile directly with it.

Why an Independent Expert Program?

We as organization focus on developing and updating the software platform and open EA method.

We are dedicated to serve the market and clients via Dragon1 Experts (architects and consultants like you).

How to Join the Program?

You can join the program by sending an email to or contact us via phone +31 317 411 341. We can then start the enrollment process.