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We at the Dragon1 company focus on developing and providing the digital platform for Enterprise Architecture globally. It is our vision that locally available knowledge and experiences should be connected with the local demand for knowledge and experiences. That is why we prefer to have many people to become a Dragon1 Expert and Dragon1 Partner. This to the benefits of thousands of organizations world-wide that want to improve their EA Capability.

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Dragon1 Expert

If you are a Contractor, Freelance Architect, Freelance Consultant or working at a consulting firm, you can become a Dragon1 Expert.

A Dragon1 Expert is a consultant with knowledge, skills and experience in using the Dragon1 SaaS platform and the Dragon1 open EA method. With it, a Dragon1 Expert can create valuable strategic visual architecture products that support any type of stakeholder in decision making or guide any project with principles and standards.

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For people and organizations that are interested in promoting Dragon1 in their network, we offer the option to become a Dragon1 Ambassador.

If you want to become an ambassador you can join our international Dragon1 Partner Network.

An ambassador is a person promoting Dragon1 in his or her network.