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About the Dragon1 Magazine

Every month we publish a Dragon1 Magazine consisting of about 10 topics or pages that are new or updated on The main goal of this is to spread the word on working efficiently with Dragon1 Innovation Lab and the Dragon1 open EA Method & Framework.

Subscription for Dragon1 Magazine is free and means you will be mailed every month when a new issue of the magazine is published. You will receive an email with an announcement of the new issue of the magazine and an overview of its contents.

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Main reasons others subscribe to the newsletter are:

  1. You are notified about sales in an early stage;
  2. You will receive inspiring stories on how Dragon1 Collaboration Platform and Dragon1 open EA Method are used succesfully;
  3. You will be the first one that knows about updates and innovation in Dragon1 as EA Tool, BPM Tool, ArchiMate Tool, UML Tool and Togaf Tool;
  4. You won't miss anything anymore that happens around Dragon1!


Any issue will contain one or more of the following topics. A topic is only included if there is really something to tell:

GURU INTERVIEWAn interview with a respectable person in the field
HOW TOTips and Tricks on how to use Dragon1 and Dragon1 EA Method
EXAMPLEA Cool Example or Client Case with Dragon1 EA Method or
TUTORIALA step from a Dragon1 tutorial
DRAGON1 METHODAn article, whitepaper or presentation on a Dragon1 Concept from the Open EA Method is explained. A a way of working, thinking, representing or supporting is addressed
TOOL FEATUREA new feature in Dragon1
LATEST NEWSWhat has happened
GALLERY PLAYOn this website an all time visualization gallery is present and every month i any a new piece of a user is added to it.
FUTURE INNOVATIONAn article of future innovation of products and services
WIKIWhat has been update on Dragon1 Resources. For instance, a new concept, pattern or principle in the library
USER COMMUNITYThe lastest on the community, what has happened in the Dragon1 Usergroups?
BLOG The lastest text blog or video blog, with answers to questions of Dragon1 users and Dragon1 practitioners
BOOK REVIEW A review of an architecture book
TRAININGInformation about a new Dragon1 training
CALENDER A review of a book
SALE A temporary offer for active and potential clients
PRESS RELEASEWhat did we announce to the world this month?
AWARDThe Dragon1 Award

If you have ideas for topics or even want to write something for Dragon1 Magazine, you can contact us via We are available to any suggestion!