KPN Telecom case study

Design and Visualization of Systems Rationalization and Migration

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KPN Telecom - Facts & Figures - KPN is the biggest Telco in The Netherlands


KPN has 4000+ product parameters they offer to clients. For this to handle they have certain Delivery Information Systems.

All customer contact workers at KPN use this Delivery Information System to take the right action at the right time.

The Case

Unfortunately some product rules in Information Systems are hardcoded and if the business wants to change some product rules, this takes too much time

Solution Strategy

A new flexible Delivery Information System is on the way. Only the decision to take when the hardcoded Delivery Information System have to be shut down was still hard to make.

KPN used Dragon1 to visualize their strategy with all the information systems related to it, making it easier for the board to decide to shutdown the hardcoded Delivery Information System.

transformation roadmap kpn telecom

This is a Dutch example


Availability of resources to provide and collect data and availability and status of data were challenged to cope with. We tackled that by working with assumptions and making visible where assumptions are made with (A) on the architecture visualization and coloring them red. This made management focus on approving the underlying data or collecting the data.


The outcome of this project of visualizing systems migrations on Dragon1 was a big A0-sized architecture visualization that now can support strategic decision making and makes it easier to walk through the impact of change

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