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Designing Information Architecture @ ASR

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Fortis ASR Insurance Company - Facts & Figures - ASR is an insurance company in The Netherlands


ASR is an insurance company, former part of Fortis.

At ASR, they wanted to integrate all their information systems using a new information architecture.

The Case

This information architecture had a lot of impact on the technology and business layer. Because of the enterprise-wide impact, an EA blueprint needed to be created.

Solution Strategy

With Dragon1 an A0-sized poster was created showing four layers in 3d on top of each other.

In the border of the visualization the strategic information was written down.

In the new blueprint, each layer could be related and legitimized with the mission, vision, objectives and requirements written down in the border.

Enterprise Architecture Blueprint / Artist Impression

Enterprise Architecture as Strategy Blueprint / Artist Impression


The biggest challenges in this project were time, data and availability of resources. We dealt with that by working with assumptions and making those assumptions visible with the code (A) and the color red. During the workshop, we presented where we placed the assumptions and why and where we could get data of information. This often leads to management taking decisions and approving the assumption.


This Dragon1 blueprint helped a great deal in communicating the new vision on information architecture and has set a standard for this for many companies in the Netherlands.

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