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's-Heerenloo | Information Strategy

Case Study | Dragon1 as EA Tool

's-Heerenloo is an organization taking care of special people. For this, they now need an information strategy. With Dragon1 they visualized their Information Strategy. This was done using Dragon1 Enterprise Architect. Click on the logo, to read the case study.


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Hospital Gelderse Vallei | eHealth and certification

Case Study | Certification in Dragon1 EA Method and EA Tool based Training

Gelderse Vallei Hospital, the Dutch nutrition and top care focused hospital is already for years working with architecture in projects. The architects and the manager were in need of more communicative visualizations to create more support, time to work with architecture and awareness among the board of directors. Click on the logo, to read the case study.

Architecting Solutions

DEMO: Concept Mapping Software

How to use Dragon1 EA Tool

Learn to generate architecture diagrams using repositories
DEMO: BPMN Onboarding Process Example

DEMO: BPMN Onboarding Process Diagram - Measure Rules Compliance

Manufacturing, Financial Solutions
DEMO: Enterprise Architecture Blueprint Template

DEMO: Generate an Enterprise Architecture Blueprint to discover and solve RISK

Banking, Logistics, Healthcare
DEMO: Process Application Map

DEMO: Generate Process Application Landscape for RPA

Government, Logistics, Banking
DEMO: Strategy Map Template

DEMO: Generate Strategy Map on how to INNOVATE with AI

Automotive, Financial Services, Health Care
DEMO: Data Mapping Software

DEMO: Generate Application Landscape for SECURITY

Retail, Agriculture, Energy, Oil & Gas