Dragon1 - v3 is live

Wageningen, The Netherlands, January 17, 2015

Dragon1 Innovation Lab - How it Works

Dragon1 is the new Innovation Lab for Business Professionals. It is a platform where every business professional can collaborate with his or her colleagues, clients, partners, etc.

Dragon1, what it is and how it works, is presented to you via the pages on Resources. You can visit them without being logged in to get an impression of this collaboration platform.

During visiting pages you can ask us anything or leave your comments via the Comment box. With this, we improve Dragon1 for you. Like we with others have done before you.

The beginning of something new

Thursday the 15th of January 2015, Dragon1 v3 did go live on the internet. From now on www.dragon1.com is the main spot on the web for every businessman and woman, CxO, Architect and Manager to do Enterprise Innovation.

Build your SMART Company on Dragon1

Everyone working for or at an organization is invited to build, develop, analyze, design and visualize their company digitally. In 2d or 3d.

Dragon1 Innovation Lab provides you with a digital workplace which you can complete customize and personalize, including placing a family photo on your desktop.

Business Innovation is done on Dragon1

On Dragon1 Innovation Lab you can create any type of business diagram you can think of, but you can also model business processes using open standards, create enterprise architecture designs compliant to open standards and do concept & business development to innovate a new business model.

So with that Dragon1 really supports you to innovate your business and collaborate on it during doing it.

We have done enough talking. Now it is time we listen to you.