Dragon1 Loves BPMN (Viewer)

Business Process Management

Published on 10 Jun 2018

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Dragon1 Viewer for BPMN

Dragon1 supports importing and exporting BPMN-xml data, drawing and viewing BPMN diagrams.

After drawing or importing, you can publish them to the Dragon1 Content Viewer, so that stakeholders can view the diagrams for their purposes.

BPMN diagrams can be published 100% compliant to the BPMN 2 specification.

You can view bpmn files just by providing them as parameter to the Content Viewer.

NOTE: If you click on a BPMN diagram in this visualization, you will get the navigation bar at the left. Click on the link View Details to view a detailed version of the BPMN diagram.

Here is more information about BPMN and the Dragon1 Content Viewer.

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