Architect IoT Using the Gartner Reference Model


Published on 01 May 2018

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Architect IoT Using the Gartner Reference Model


Every IoT project needs an architecture blueprint that defines what functionality is required, where that functionality will operate, and how data and control will flow. Technical professionals can use the Gartner IoT Reference Model described here to design their IoT architecture.

Table of Contents

  • Analysis
    • Introduction to the Gartner IoT Reference Model
      • Layers
      • Tiers
      • Interfaces
      • Predictive Maintenance Example
    • How to Use the Reference Model
      • Step 1. Assess How Business Goals Impact Technical Requirements
      • Step 2: Analyze How Requirements Impact Layers, Tiers and Interfaces
      • Step 3: Create and Refine Architecture Blueprint
    • Strengths
      • Expedites Creation of Architecture Blueprints
      • Provides a Business-, Technology- and Vendor-Agnostic Tool
      • Facilitates Technical and Business Collaboration
    • Weaknesses
      • Does Not Provide IoT Cost Analysis
      • Does Not Provide Service Quality Analysis
      • Does Not Provide Governance Process
  • Guidance
  • The Details
    • IoT Communication Protocols
  • Gartner Recommended Reading

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