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Published on 13 May 2017

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TOGAF Example of an Applications Catalog

The visualization shows an example applications catalog. But TOGAF has defined more types of catalogs.

List of Catalogs

A list of defined catalogs in TOGAF is:

  • Principles Catalog
  • Organization/Actor catalog
  • Driver/Goal/Objective catalog
  • Role catalog
  • Business Service/Functioncatalog
  • Location catalog
  • Process/Event/Control/Productcatalog
  • Contract/Measure catalog

Principles Catalog

The Principles catalog captures principles of the business and architectureprinciples that describe what a "good" solution or architecture should looklike. Principles are used to evaluate and agree an outcome for architecturedecision points. Principles are also used as a tool to assist in architecturalgovernance of change initiatives.

The Principles catalog contains the following metamodel entities: Principle

Using Dragon1 for working with Enterprise Architecture in the TOGAF way

Dragon1 is the best EA Tool to use for working with TOGAF and Enterprise Architecture.


You can easily create all the necessary products in collaboration on the platform.

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