eLearning Dragon1 EA Tool Introduction

Proof of Concept and Evaluation Program for Architecture Teams

About Dragon1 eLearning

This online course introduces Dragon1 EA Tool to you. You will learn all the important aspects of Dragon1 to be able to create a Process Application Landscape with 20 different views, such as a dependency view and an impact of change view. This eLearning training exists of a short number of modules to introduce Dragon1 to you as an EA Tool.

Proof of Concept and Evaluation Program

Many of our current clients started to explore Dragon1 with this online training course.

Whether you're alone or work in a team, eLearning offers everything you need. You can follow the modules all by yourself in your own time and at your own speed.

Service and support

Although Dragon1 is made to be used independently by you, we offer support and services to anyone who requests it. If you have bought a training license for this online course, you can contact us via email, WebEx/skype, or phone, in English, Spanish, French, and Dutch.

Digital Enterprise Transformation

The current transformation to the digital enterprise really boosts the usage of Enterprise Architecture Tools. No longer can you create UML diagrams, PowerPoint presentations, or Visio drawings as architecture products.

Management in every organization now requests many different consistent views instantly to satisfy their needs.

That is where Dragon1 as EA Tool provides its added value: you create an integral model and load it with your ever-changing company data. And you generate views on top of your model on Dragon1. Or you generate a list report with for instance dependency information.

Modern architects that want to enable the transformation of the digital enterprise use Dragon1 EA Tool.

Learning Objectives

Learning Objective: In the end, you as a business professional or architect can create an application landscape with many different views. With these views, various stakeholders, like managers, administrators, and project workers, can make all kinds of decisions based on the insights and overviews produced by the application landscape views.

Below we have provided an example view of the dependencies of applications to processes. This is an example view of an application landscape that is common to make. It is created and published publicly in a channel on Dragon1.

Process - Application Landscape published in a Channel


The eLearning modules cover the following ten modules:

  • Dragon1 Basics
  • Method and System - Aligning Dragon1 your architecture way of working. Configuring Dragon1 as an internal architecture system
  • Repository -Setting up a Repository using a best practice
  • Import - Importing and enriching Data and Diagrams (from XML and Visio)
  • Modeling and Design - Creating Meta Models and User Models and Views (20)
  • Diagramming - Generating Visualizations
  • Reporting - Generating List Reports
  • Publishing and Profiling - Publish content privately and publicly. Setup your internal and public profile and portfolio
  • Comparing Enterprise Architecture Modeling Languages
  • Business Decision Making using visualizations and reports

How Does it Work?

On Dragon1 every online training course is divided into modules and every module consists of lessons. Every lesson comprises several topics. The eLearning modules are provided to you as a webpage containing links to training in the form of texts, videos, templates, and exercises.

To get access to the eLearning, you need to purchase a training license. After that, the Dragon1 eLearning course will be made available in your account. Log in and you will then see the training provided for you.


The elearning training is EUR € 2.550,- ex VAT per participant.

Contact us for more information via sales@dragon1.com.

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