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Workflow Diagram Definition

What does Workflow Diagram mean?

workflow diagram

What is a workflow diagram? A Dragon1 Term Definition.


On Dragon1 a Workflow Diagram is a visualization of work (a series of actions, activities, usage of resources and decisions). It shows how work is done or should be done.

A workflow diagram shows the flow of work through the organization and the diagram can be used for alignment and agreements between departments to optimally work together.

From this notion an architect communicates a lot with the owner/client and stakeholders via workflow diagrams.

In order to have workflow diagrams be readable / understandable / unambiguous it is wise to use a notation standard, such as flowchart, having workflow diagram symbols. On Dragon1 you can make use of workflow diagram templates to quickly create a diagram compliant to a notation standard. You have a number of workflow diagram examples available as guide and editable content.

On Dragon1 you can create a workflow diagram online. Dragon1 is workflow diagram software with which you can create workflow diagrams in collaboration.

Example Workflow Diagram

Here is an example workflow diagram image:

workflow diagram

Click on the diagram to view a large version of the example. You will also get some explanation on what you see on the diagram.

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