How To Measure Enterprise Architecture Success?

Dragon1 has defined how to measure the success of your architecture and how to improve the usage of your architecture work.

By creating a matrix using some metrics you get insights and an overview of how your architecture work should be used and how it is used.

The steps to take to create the Success Matrix are:

  1. Create a matrix with your type of stakeholders on one axis and your type of architecture products/visualizations on the other axis.
  2. Mark the cell in your matrix to show who asked for or ordered an architecture product/visualization.
  3. Write down in each cell what the type stakeholders need to do with your products (what is their function?).
  4. Write down in each cell how many stakeholders could & should have done this vs actually have done this.
  5. Optionally write down or mark who approved the architecture product
  6. Discuss this matrix with your architecture manager or CIO.

Now with every new architecture product/visualization you create, keep in mind that in the end it mainly should be used for supporting decision making or guiding design and realization of systems.

And never ever create an architecture product again without it being ordered. But inspire people first to order architecture products from you.