Dragon1 Named a Strong Performer In Enterprise Architecture Management Suites Evaluation

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AMSTERDAM / WAGENINGEN, The Netherlands – June 19th, 2017

Dragon1 Inc. is recognized as a Strong Performer by Top Analyst Firm Forrester Research. For the first time the company is entering the Forrester Wave™ Enterprise Architecture Management Suites (EAMS) Q2 2017, and, in our opinion, already catching up with the big traditional companies.

As a new entrant Dragon1 Inc. with their Dragon1 digital platform for co-creating and maturing Enterprise Architecture, is, in our opinion, disrupting the market. The capabilities to conceptualize, design, visualize, message and monitor customer-obsessed strategies, architecture, and transformation are helping EA pros with their different needs and levels of maturity.

Based On Your Firm’s Unique Needs

Both Tech management and IT management need to adapt and improve continuously bringing new technologies into the organization. Improving business operations and enabling agile digital experience is increasing, today. Therefore, in fact, all EA practitioners each need their own fully functional tool to do their activities, but this option is not preferred by many CEOs.

As a digital platform, Dragon1 allows for multiple users, such as architects, analysts, engineers, and project teams, to work simultaneously on the same business model, blueprint or roadmap. Receiving feedback from the stakeholders (via digital post-its) on their Tablet PC or Smartphone.

Decision Supporting Visualizations Generated from Trusted Data

"Many companies underestimate the danger of digital disruption. Recent events in the world, such as security threats by ransomware attacks, are forcing every company to work on their abilities to make evidence-based decisions quickly and to translate these decisions into action. This means that the leaders of the companies need to have at least, overviews and insights of the business model, structure, people, processes, applications, IT and business capabilities, reporting lines and their ecosystem." – Mark Paauwe VP Technology and Innovation explains.

"To obtain quick results, the first step is to make an inventory of all your data in your company. Next, you generate diagrams using the available data on visualization templates. In this way, you analyze the data, which data is contaminated, and which data must be enriched. The last step is that EA pros can use these trusted data for creating deliverables for all kinds of stakeholders for decision making." – Mark Paauwe finalizes.

About Dragon1 Inc.

Dragon1 Inc. is a Dutch SaaS software technology company. Dragon1 is currently used in over 20 countries.

The innovative and disruptive solutions of Dragon1 Inc. are used by multinationals, governmental institutions and SMEs for managing risk and governing business transformation and IT innovation. Dragon1 gives more control over the strategy, architecture and technology in the organization.

Dragon1 is available as a PRO, BUSINESS and ENTERPRISE edition subscription. These editions are SaaS solutions provided via public and private clouds.

The open Dragon1 EA Method, the new EA Framework for Visual Enterprise Architecture, as recognized by The Open Group, is also developed by Dragon1 Inc.

For further information please contact:

Antoine Cuijpers, Director Sales
T +31 65 146 1537

* Forrester Research “The Forrester Wave™ EAMS Q2 2017” by Gordon Barnett, June 19th, 2017

The full report is available here for Forrester clients to download.

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