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This is what our students say:

Expressing a complex issue is virtually impossible if you want to include all stakeholders in the story. With the Dragon 1 visualization technique in combination with a good explanation that works!- Jan Schravesande, Client Technical Advisor IBM

In digital architecture, the challenge is to portray relevant IT matters relevant to the viewer with relevant interconnections. After all, man is visually oriented, he gets an overview through attractive pictures. Only lawyers love text; only bookkeepers loves spreadsheets; and only engineers love formulas! Daan Rijsenbrij, architecture knower & -auditor in the Digital World
daan rijsenbrij

This masterclass ea provides the architect with tools to look at architecture in a more fundamental way. Using the Dragon1 method and tool you can then convert those insights into appealing Visualizations.- Anton Pot, Business Architect ABN AMRO
abn amro bank

The Dragon1 method gives me a firm grip on tackling complex IT issues in healthcare. Instead of immediately shooting into a technical solution, I first look for concepts and requirements for the needed functionality.’
- Sesni Bos, Informatieadviseur & Business Architect bij Molemann Mental Health

Visualizing complex enterprise and IT architecture issues is essential for gaining understanding, both on the stakeholder side and certainly for the architect.’
- Frank Ploeg, Enterprise Architect bij UMCG
umcg hospital

This masterclass encouraged me to visualize and communicate architecture at various educational institutions, in order to get the thinking process about innovation going.- Antoine Cuijpers, Adviseur & Projectleider bij PPT-Services
dragon1 expert

Dragon1 Atlas - Enterprise Architecture Design Book

DEMO: Generate an Enterprise Architecture Atlas from a repository or excel sheet

Visual Enterprise Architecture

Dragon1 Textbook on Visual Enterprise Architecture

Visual Enterprise Architecture Blueprint

DEMO: Import excel data for analysis of security risks