Course Modules

What Modules and Lessons are part of this Masterclass?

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Module 1 - Introduction Visual Enterprise Architecture

  • Vision on Enterprise Architecture as Total Concept
  • Vision on Program and Project Management

Module 2 - Core Concepts

  • Core Glossary of Terms
  • Enterprise Architecture Meta Model

Module 3 - Architecture Visualization

  • Viewpoints, Views and Visualization
  • Types of Visualization

Module 4 - Architecture Principles

  • Discovering, Formulating, Visualizing and Applying Principles and Standards
  • Types of Principles

Module 5 - Transformation

  • Architecture in Projects
  • Portfolio Management
  • Solution Architectures

Module 6 - Design Basics

  • Concept Design
  • Critical Thinking & Design Thinking
  • Ideation
  • Solution Design

Module 7 - Business Modeling

  • Dragon1 Modeling Language
  • Modeling Business Models
  • Modeling Business Functions and Business Processes
  • Modeling Business Capabilities

Module 8 - Information Systems Modeling

  • Dragon1 Modeling Language
  • Modeling Information Systems
  • Modeling Applications
  • Modeling Data
  • Modeling Services

Module 9 - Strategy

  • Strategy Development
  • Innovation Management
  • Policy Management

Module 10 - Business Cases

  • Business Cases
  • Quality Management and Quality Model
  • Requirements Management and Engineering

Module 11 - Architecture Processes

  • Governance Process
  • Management Process
  • Maintenance Process
  • Building Process
  • The Architecture Code

Module 12 - Communication

  • Communication Process (Presenting & Convincing)
  • Collaboration: Stakeholder Involvement

Alignment with other Architectural frameworks and Modeling languages ‚Äč

If an organization already has adopted a method, modeling language or framework as internal standard(s) for working with Enterprise Architecture, or has created an architecture reference itself, we will adjust the content of this masterclass EA accordingly.

Some organizations have adopted for example TOGAF or ArchiMate as internal standards as part of working with architecture. However, TOGAF is a global framework and not a method. That is why with the Dragon1 method you complement the TOGAF framework with a practical way of working with Enterprise Architecture.

The ArchiMate modeling language focuses on modeling and not on visualizing Architecture. Dragon1 offers both: an addition to ArchiMate in the form of a visualization language and an optional replacement and extension of the modeling language.

(TOGAF and ArchiMate are brands of the Open Group, Dragon1 is a trademark of Dragon1 Inc., Dragon1 is recognized by the Open Group as a method for Enterprise Architecture.)

Dragon1 Atlas - Enterprise Architecture Design Book

DEMO: Generate an Enterprise Architecture Atlas from a repository or excel sheet

Visual Enterprise Architecture

Dragon1 Textbook on Visual Enterprise Architecture

Visual Enterprise Architecture Blueprint

DEMO: Import excel data for analysis of security risks