Architecture Visualizations

Which Architecture Visualizations will you Learn to Create?

Dragon1 is the open method for Enterprise Architecture that many know because of its effective visualizations and architecture principles.

That is why you are taught in this masterclass to create Architecture Visualizations. The Visualizations below are all discussed and created during the training.

enterprise architecture reference model

Enterprise Architecture Reference Model©

enterprise architecture application landscape views

Application Landscape Views

enterprise architecture process application landscape

Process Application Landscape

infrastructure government

IT Infrastructure Blueprint©

enterprise architecture overview functions model

Enterprise Functions Overview©

enterprise architecture concepts overview functions model

Enterprise Concepts Overview©

enterprise architecture framework

Enterprise Architecture Framework©

enterprise architecture meta model package

Meta Model - Architecture Package©

enterprise architecture example dossier standard

Enterprise Architecture Dossier

principle details diagram single source of truth

Principle Diagram Single Source Of Truth

principles matrix

Principles Matrix: how well are principles implemented in systems?

enterprise architecture overview

Enterprise Architecture Overview

dragon1 enterprise architecture view layout

Dragon1 Enterprise Architecture View Layout™

enterprise architecture digital municipality artist impression

Artist Impression Digital Municipality©

customer journey

Customer Journey

enterprise architecture stakeholder onion diagram

Stakeholder Onion Diagram

stakeholder diagram

Stakeholder Diagram

enterprise architecture agile user story mapping example

Agile User Story Mapping

Fuzzy Cognitive Map with Human Factors

Examples of other Visualizations that are discussed are:

  • Structure Vision
  • Concept Design Sketch
  • Principle Details Diagram
  • Strategy Map
  • Balanced Score Card

And much more!

In Dragon1 we differentiate between architecture and structure. The architecture (conceptual structure) is about concepts, principles, building blocks, rules, and standards per layer. The (logical and physical) structure is about the relationship and coherence between elements (at the logical level) and components (at the physical level). Concepts, at the logical level, consist of elements, and at the physical level of components.

Dragon1 Atlas - Enterprise Architecture Design Book

DEMO: Generate an Enterprise Architecture Atlas from a repository or excel sheet

Visual Enterprise Architecture

Dragon1 Textbook on Visual Enterprise Architecture

Visual Enterprise Architecture Blueprint

DEMO: Import excel data for analysis of security risks