Architecture Visualizations

Which Architecture Visualizations will you Learn to Create?

Dragon1 is the open method for Enterprise Architecture that many know because of its effective visualizations and architecture principles.

That is why you are taught in this masterclass to create Architecture Visualizations. The Visualizations below are all discussed and trained during the training.

Examples of other Visualizations that are discussed are:

  • Structure Vision
  • Concept Design Sketch
  • Principe Details Diagram
  • Strategy Map
  • Balanced Score Card

And much more!

In Dragon1 we differentiate between architecture and structure. The architecture (conceptual structure) is about concepts, principles, building blocks, rules and standards per layer. The (logical and physical) structure is about the relationship and coherence between elements (at logical level) and components (at physical level). Concepts, at logical level, consist of elements and at physical level of components.