Crowdfunding Project

The Crowdfunding project is ended at July, 1st 2017.

Dragon1 3D App | The End Of Undocumented and Uncontrolled Business Processes in Hospitals in China, India and Africa

dragon1 decision board mobileScreenshot of the 3D App showing a blueprint of a hospital. Click on the image to watch the video.

We Want to Change the Way Health Care Is Organized at Hospitals: VISUAL & CONTROLLED!

About the Crowdfunding Project

Let’s end unsafe and insecure healthcare business processes in hospitals,
by using a 3D App to get the job done!

Practically everyone who works at a hospital in China, India or Africa has a smartphone or Tablet PC. They use it to browse the internet, send emails and do all kinds of other social media things.

What people don't do is use the smartphone or tablet PC to educate themselves in business process modeling and next to document, redesign and control the business processes. When in fact every second of the day things go wrong in hospitals because the business processes are not documented. And therefore cannot be visualized, analyzed and redesigned to improve.

Visualize and Redesign Business Processes with ease, comfort and fun! - In 3D and with Virtual Reality!

Let me introduce myself here, I am Mark Paauwe from the Netherlands, founder of Dragon1. I have years of experience in building process modeling software and helping organizations to redesign and improve their business model, business processes and IT systems.

On my journeys abroad I have seen some bad things happening in hospitals. Just to mention four:

  • Privacy policy and rules for patient data are violated immensely by making online appointments and writing prescriptions online.
  • Operations that had to be canceled or stopped because of a shortage of blood and materials (untimely ordered new materials).
  • The time to health care service was so long that patients did not make it.
  • Inefficiency in the way people work in understaffed departments. Making it even harder to treat all the patients with the minimum necessary care and cure.

These are just three things that are easy to improve.

Money is not the Problem or the Solution in these Hospitals.
They need Insights and Overviews of Processes and being able to Redesign them in an Easy Way.

If we would build an App making it easy to model a business process using a smartphone or Tablet PC, that would have a significant impact on the quality of health care service in these hospitals.

The Number of Hospitals Around The World

There are 195 countries in the world and an estimated total number is hard to give, because every day new hospitals open and close.

China has an estimated number of 70.000 hospitals. India has about 16.000 hospitals and Africa has an estimated number of 3.000 hospitals. Vietnam has 12.000 hospitals. Indonesia has 2.500 hospitals. Brazil has 6.300 Hospitals. The United States has 5.600 hospitals. These seven countries together have over 100.000 hospitals. So worldwide there are many many hospitals we can help to improve their business processes with our App.

With just one App we can Help Thousands of Hospitals
delivering much better Health Care Services!

Fund us via Peer 2 Peer Loans

If you want to support us you can provide us with a Peer 2 Peer loan. No one is in between us. You do business directly with us. Your money goes directly to product development and not to administrative overhead.

We Will Have People Model Processes Just By Using Their Mobile Phone

Human Oriented Process - HOP

Here you see a process model template that is already in our 2D modeling application.

But now we want to build a 3D App, so people can take pictures and drag them onto a canvas and dissect the situation into activities, rules, roles, protocols and devices used. And also walk in 3D through the process and play various scenarios.

By doing all this you are able to align activities of a process much better than you can be aligned them now. This is actually the core essence of process modeling.

Next, if you have created various process models like this you can put them all together in a layered enterprise blueprint, like the one you see below, and with that create a holistic overview of the hospital.

Because Dragon1, in fact, is an online business platform, you can design an integral application landscape and IT infrastructure that provides supporting IT services for the business processes. In this way, any hospital can deliver better health care services.

Now, we want to build a 3D Process Modeling App to enable process modeling in hospitals all around the world.

The Ask

What I am asking you is to fund our project on developing a 3D modeling App for learning and modeling business processes on a smartphone and Tablet PC.

The 3D Dragon1 App can be used in any type of industry like Health Care, Education, Agriculture (Farming), Food or Government. Any organization or person using the App can improve his processes. Whether it is a doctor in Guizhou, China, a teacher in Mali or a farmer in West Bengal, India.

The 3D Process Modeling App can be used on any type of smartphone or tablet PC.

The 3D Process Modeling App can be used online and offline for learning and modeling purposes and then later the data can be uploaded to the database/repository.

We, Dragon1 Inc., have years of experience in building 2D modeling software and now we are going to build mobile 3D modeling software.

We have already designed and tested a concept and now we want to build a prototype and a finished product. But that takes time, resources and money.

How are We Going to Spend Your Funding?

  • If we raise 10k we can turn our desktop web application into a responsive smartphone and Tablet PC HTML web application.
  • If we raise 20k we can turn our responsive smartphone HTML web application into a real App for android, windows and iOS phones.
  • If we raise 30k we can develop the 3D modeling basic features.
  • If we raise 50k we can integrate the App into our existing web application suite so you can reuse data from the repository to design perfect 3D visualizations with high productivity.
  • If we raise 100k we can develop the extended 3D modeling features like scenario animation.
  • If we raise 200k we can develop the virtual reality headset connection.
  • If we raise 300k we can develop a touch-sensitive clothing interface.

Our 3D App Provides People with an Approach that they will Actually Document and Control Business Processes!

Making Online eHealth Care much more Safe

More and more hospitals, general practitioners (GPs / house doctors) and healthcare facilities offer services online. Two well-known services are: making online appointments and online prescription writing.

These two services save both the healthcare worker and the patient a lot of time and money. Only there is also the problem of security and safety. You do not want people and patients to get the wrong prescriptions or have internet criminals steal personal information from patients.

The problem is that most business processes for online appointments and online prescriptions violate safety and security policy, legislation and rules immensely. Even without the workers and organizations knowing about it.

The 3D App will help greatly in these situations. First: You will actually visualize and analyze these two processes as opposed to in the current situation where you have these processes not documented. Second: Dragon1 allows you to run the safety and security policies, cyber security, legislation and rules against your processes. Helping you to take the measures needed to make your online healthcare service Safe AND Secure.

Why Crowdfunding?

We are a software company that wants to play the game by modern rules. Crowdfunding is one of these modern rules. It is clear what we need the money for and where we are going to use it.

The WHO says: SAVE LIVES, Clean Your Hands

Dragon1 supports the initiative of the WHO, the world health organization, for having hospitals and healthcare facilities register their commitment to hand hygiene as part of the global campaign – SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands.

In our Process Modeling App we will include a list of basic health care and hygiene principles to help people design better business processes. Imagine 90.000 hospitals in China and India and an even bigger number of healthcare facilities providing better health care, just by cleaning their hands. Dragon1 wants to support and help this WHO initiative by sharing the knowledge and this principle via the 3D Process Modeling App.

About Dragon1 Inc, the software company

3d dragon1

Our core business is helping people and organizations to improve their business model and business processes by using our online business platform, called Dragon1.

Our staff have a background in IT, Enterprise Architecture, HR, Management Consultancy and of course Software Development.

We have built the Dragon1 Business Platform and we have developed an open method called the Dragon1 method for Enterprise Architecture, with which people can redesign and implement the enterprise, business and IT architecture of their company.

What is the Dragon1 Platform?

Dragon1 is a Business Platform with a digital workplace and specialized web applications for doing Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Analysis, IT Portfolio Management and GRC. The Visual Designer is the most important web application. It is a 2D design web application for creating enterprise architecture products. With that web application (see screenshot below) you can design 2D application landscapes and process landscapes, enterprise blueprints and technology roadmaps with it.

Now more and more users and potential users of Dragon1 want to "walk through"the big pictures they created. For instance, business managers in hospitals in Africa, China, India and South America. If it would be possible to have a true 3D visualization of the business model and business processes, a lot of problems and solutions could much more easily be discussed, understood and decided upon by a large number of people.

Process Modeling on Dragon1 in 2D

Dragon1 already enables 2D modeling on Desktops and Laptops. For that, we build ourselves the Visual Designer Web Application as part of the Web Application Suite. What we now want to do is to build, test and implement a 3D Modeling App for smartphone and Tablet PCs at hospitals in China, India and Africa.

The Visual Designer on a Laptop or Dekstop

process model

Here you see in the screenshot above an example complaints process modeled in the Visual Designer Web Application. You see the model is very visual and understandable for a large group of people. You do not need an education in process modeling to understand this picture. What you need is a step-by-step approach to create a process model like this. And that we provide.

This process model shows in green color and red color which activities are and are not implemented correctly, meaning they do or do not act as they are supposed to. This gives you the opportunity as a manager to take the decision to implement an activity better.

For example with this process model diagram, you can analyze that the complaints form cannot be found on the website, causing fewer complaints to be received by the organization. So the manager should make the decision to have the complaints form be found easier on the website.

The Viewer on a Laptop or Desktop

3d process model

Here you see the 2D Complaints Process Model published on the Dragon1 Viewer. On Dragon1, we differentiate between the design and publication. You do not want stakeholders of a process that need to start up a designer. The Viewer is quick and easy access for stakeholders to watch the process model.

So yes, we have already managed to have visualizations of process models on smartphones and Tablet PC but we are not there yet where people in hospitals in China, India and Africa can model processes on their smartphones and Tablet PC. Read on and we will tell you exactly what we still need to do.

Click here to watch the process live in the Viewer

Dragon1 3D Process Modeling App Features

We are going to build the following features for the first version of the 3D App:

  • Porting the 2D Process Modeling Web Application (The Visual Designer) to work on a Smartphone as App
  • Changing the database/repository so we can store 3D spaces, objects and textures.
  • Adding a 3D Drawing Canvas into the Visual Designer
  • Adding 3D Drawing Functionality to the Visual Designer: Insert, Remove, Edit, Rotate, Pan, Zoom, Cut, Copy, Paste, etc..
  • Adding a basic set of 100 3D Process shapes.
  • Adding 10 templates of common process models
  • Writing a pdf-manual for process modeling and process improvement (redesign) using the Dragon1 3D App.
  • Adding 3D Motion Functionality to the Visual Designer: Scene, Frame, Play, Scenario, etc...
  • Adding Click through functionality, so a user can down drill from Business Function to Business Process to Business Activity to Business Task, Procedure and Act.

The second version will hold the following features:

  • Walking through a landscape using a virtual reality headset connection.

The third version will hold the following features:

  • Developing a touch-sensitive clothing interface. We want to be able to feel things and pick up and move things for the real virtual experience. Think of this as for example a scenario in educating people in surgery.

All 2D and 3D diagrams created are stored in a single database. If one diagram or its underlying model changes, the related diagrams also change and the change of impact can be visualized.

Having a related set of process models and diagrams (the visualization of a process model) is of high added value. Because even though your company's processes change every day, you can still have an updated set of process models on Dragon1. Something that is not possible when creating models and diagrams in MS PowerPoint, MS Visio or on paper.

Why a 3D Design Module?

3d hospital visualization

Our studies on 3D modeling and design of business processes have shown us the following:

  • You can avoid design flaws in your processes before crossing them in practice after implementing the process.
  • People like Managers and Directors will understand designs or solutions much and much better when walking through it.
  • 3D looks much more appealing to anyone than 2D. So if you want attention for whatever visualization, 3D will definitely help you a lot.

The 3D picture on the right is what we want to be able to create with our 3D module a professionally rendered 3D process model and business model of a hospital.

A 3D Design Application for business models, business processes and IT environment will significantly help improve processes at hospitals. Some problems we can help solve with that are:

  • Reduce time to health care services
  • Reduce time of being in the hospital as a patient
  • Prevent operating materials are not ordered on time.

We have also clients and users in countries like China, India, Africa and South America (such as Suriname), where solutions and designs need to be visualized to be widely understood. A 3D Design Module will definitely help our clients and users there much better there.

Imagine that business processes in hospitals in China, Indian, Africa and South America can be redesigned, better understood, more transparent and implemented much more effectively and successfully. Think of the impact that has!

What Do We Already Have?

Below you see a screenshot of the 2D Visual Designer Web Application we build ourselves. In the screenshot, we have opened a project of a Dynamic View of an Enterprise Blueprint for a Hospital. You see, you can already create simple process models and complex blueprints.

The data you see used in this picture comes from the Architecture Repository. When the data is updated, this picture is also immediately updated. So at any time a manager or director has an updated view to use for impact analyses of change.

visual designer

Below you see a screenshot of a 3d design test module we have used to explore if we could build it and integrate it into our web application suite.

3d enterprise architecture


Every relevant question and answer we present here is below. If you have a question that is not answered here, you can ask it by sending an email to

  • Q: On which phones will the 3D Dragon1 App work?
    A: On Android Phones, iOS/Apple Phones and Windows Phones
  • Q: What graphics standard does the 3D App use?
    A: SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
  • Q: What import and export formats does the Dragon1 3D App use?
    A: At minimum .obj, .stl, .dragon1 and .blend
  • Q: Does the Dragon1 3D App support modeling with Flowchart, BPMN and UML?
    A: Yes

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