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SURVUZ is a non-profit organization that supports the development and exchange of service patterns, defined in a Service Pattern Language (SPL).

Service Patterns

It is our vision that all knowledge in an organization can be made reusable by documenting that knowledge in service design patterns.

And that is what SURVUZ focuses on: inspiring and enabling our members to document their knowledge in service design patterns and also link them to business drivers and business virtues.

We cover all business domains

Our scope is not limited to IT: UPL is a generic service management pattern language, covering all support domains, including Facility Management, HRM, Finance, Communication, etc., as well as all primary business domains that have a service nature, including telco's, government organizations, and any other kind of domain.

Get involved today!

SURVUZ is looking for service management experts who want to share their knowledge, based on the UPL that was defined by us. The service design patterns that you define will be reviewed and authorized by us, to assure they align to the UPL. After approval your pattern will be published on the platform, with your credentials.

We are a fast growing platform for knowledge sharing. There are many interesting activities to be performed, and roles to be taken. If you want to be involved in our activities, please contact the Foundation's secretary: Jan van Bon.

Templates for Service Patterns and Artifacts

Around templates for service design patterns and artifacts, we have created a searchable catalog for you. Just search for the service design pattern or artifact you need, click on the items found, like templates, and view the product information page of the service design pattern or artifact. If the service design pattern or artifact fits your problem situation or need, you can visit our Webshop to purchase the full document of the service design pattern or artifact, for instance a template.

Company Members

Jan van Bon

Executive board member