Rabobank Architecture Principles

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On this page you will find the submitted architecture principles for the research.

Overview of the uncut submitted Rabobank Architecture Principles

The English version (translated)

Business Principles

  1. Multi Channel Customer Contact
  2. Bank follows client
  3. An integral client- and risk view
  4. Leading
  5. Compliance

Working Principles

  1. Effective and efficient customer processes
  2. Single Language
  3. Data Exchange
  4. Service Architecture
  5. Standardization
  6. Contrain Diversity
  7. Reuse before Buy before Build
  8. Not altering Software Packages
  9. Working Unplugged

Governance Principles

  1. Transparant and consistent decision making
  2. Ownership
  3. Lifecycle management

The original Dutch version


  1. Multi channel klantcontact
  2. Bank volgt klant
  3. Een integraal klant- en risicobeeld
  4. Toonaangevend
  5. Compliance


  1. Effectieve en efficiënte klantprocessen
  2. Eén taal
  3. Gegevensuitwisseling
  4. Service Architectuur
  5. Standaardisatie
  6. Beperken diversiteit
  7. Hergebruik vóór kopen vóór maken
  8. Software pakketten niet veranderen
  9. Unplugged werken


  1. Transparante en consistente besluitvorming
  2. Eigenaarschap
  3. Lifecycle management

More detailed data will be published soon.

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