Mark Paauwe

Professional Headline Sales Director Pursuing Ultimate User Experience
Current Job
Sales Director at Dragon1 Inc
Current Status Democratizing Dragon1 for Many Types of Users


Wageningen, The Netherlands
Collaboration Software, Innovation
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2/1/2010  - Premium User


Available on: Monday, Tuesday every week and May 20, 2017 to Aug 8, 2017

Work Experience

Dragon1 Inc.

Exact Software, Capgemini, CMG, Amarant Training, KPN, Jumbo, BAM International, Rijkswaterstaat, Gelre Hospitals


Member of
Dragon1 Community, Ngi-NGN



  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Enterprise Architecture

Robotics, Nano technology, Ancient History, Architecture, Da Vinci, Prince2, TOGAF, ArchiMate


HTS Informatics, HEAO-BI, Phd/Research Radboud University

Sybase SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server, C++ Programming, ASP.NET, Prince2, ITIL

Certified Sybase Professional

My Projects


Artificial Intelligence

2016 - Project Manager

Building a search engine that could solve spelling errors

Enterprise Architecture

2015 - IT Architect

This enterprise architecture project was good for giving overview


Twitter: @MarkPaauwe

Bio of Mark Paauwe

Mark is founder of Dragon1 Inc, the creator of the Dragon1 open EA Method and the chief developer of the Dragon1 Platform for online modeling and presentation. He is a thought leader in Visual Enterprise Architecture.

Since 1993 Mark has worked in the field of Enterprise Architecture and seen hundreds of organizations. Based on this working experience and combined with his love for building architecture, he constructed the open EA Method Dragon1.

Since 1997 he is doing a Phd/Research at the Radboud University on Architecture Principles. The fundamental insights this brought up has given a unique touch to theory of the Dragon1 method for the terms Architecture and Principle.

The Architecture Visualizations you see in this portfolio are the results of applying the Dragon1 method at clients organizations. And still today, if you have an ultimate challenge for Enterprise Architecture or tight deadlines, Mark is happy to take a look at it and help you going with it.

Build your Digital Company on Dragon1 and innovate it using Visual Enterprise Architecture.

My drive is to make Visual Enterprise Architecture easy to use for every entrepeneur out there. It can be a tool and method for performance management. That is why I created Dragon1, the innovation platform, EA Tool and Open EA Method.

My personal ambition is:

1) professionalizing organizations in working effectively with enterprise architecture, business architecture, information architecture and IT-architecture. That is why I created the open Dragon1 EA Method

2) having architects give the board and management architecture visualizations they can use to support their strategic decision making. that is why i created the web based Dragon1 EA Tool.

3) put up in every boardroom a Dragon1 artist impression, design sketch, architecture vision or blueprint.

My specialties are: Enterprise Architecture, Information Architecture, IT-architecture, Project Management, Architecture Visualizations, Dragon1, TOGAF, DYA, ArchiMate, IAF, Inspiring, Thinking out of the box, Communication, Creation, Governance of Change and Risk Management, building web based software, writing App (Android/HTML 5).


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