Data Lake Architecture Diagram Template

On the Dragon1 SaaS platform for Enterprise Architecture, we provide users with several Data Lake Architecture diagrams for different views on this topic.

A data lake is one of the most important architectural concepts to make artificial intelligence happen. In short, a data lake is a large amount of data in its raw format.

Data Lake Architecture Diagram.

Here you can read all about the definition of the term data lake and do the tutorial creating a data lake architecture.

Data Lake Symbols Set

If you create a trial account you have access to a modern set of symbols for creating a data lake architecture, but also a data warehouse or any artificial intelligence solution.

Data Lake Symbols Set.

Solution Architecture Diagram

On Dragon1, you can make use of Amazon (AWS) symbols and create, for instance, a solution architecture for your Data Lake, like the one below:

Data Lake Solution Architecture with AWS symbols.

Create Your Data Lake

If you want to generate and create your Data Lake today, create a trial account here. Log in and click on the template, it will be instantiated in the Visual Designer. Next, you can change anything or reposition anything you like.

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