Data Lake Architecture Diagram Template

On Dragon1, the SaaS platform for Visual Enterprise Architecture, we provide users with several data lake architecture diagrams for different views on this topic.

A data lake is one of the most important architecture concepts to make artificial intelligence happen.

Here you can read all about the definition of the term Data Lake and do the tutorial creating a data lake solution blueprint.

In short, a data lake is a large amount of data in its raw format.

Below you see a static copy of the diagram template we have available for you on Dragon1.

If you create an account, login and click on the template, it will be instantiated in the Visual Designer. Next you can change anything or reposition anything you like.

data lake definition

You productivity of creating a Data Lake Architecture diagram will be sky rocketed using the Dragon1 platform.

Data Lake Symbols Set

If you create an account on Dragon1 you have access to a modern set of symbols for creating a data lake architecture, but also a data warehouse or any artifical intelligence solution.

dragon1 data lake symbols set

Solution Architecture Diagram

On Dragon1 you can make use of Amazon (AWS) symbols and create for instance a solution architecture blueprint for your Data Lake, like the one below.

data lake solution architecture

Starting Architecting Today

If you want to start architecting your Data Lake today, create an account here.