Dutch Tax Administration

On this page you will find the submitted architecture principles for the research.

Overview of the uncut submitted Dutch Tax Organization Architecture Principles

English translation:

  1. Agreement 1: Business units do specialize.
  2. Agreement 2: We collaborate on the basis of services.
  3. Agreement 3: In federation we share proven services.
  4. Agreement 4: We prefer to communicate digitally with citizins (individuals) and companies (organizations).
  5. Agreement 5: We only do digital administration of information.
  6. Agreement 6: Digital workplaces offer tailored information.
  7. Agreement 7: We connect to activities of citizins (individuals) and companies (organizations).
  8. Agreement 8: We build up knowledge about laws and legislation and share that knowledge.

Original Dutch version:

  1. Afspraak 1: Bedrijfsonderdelen specialiseren zich.
  2. Afspraak 2: We werken samen op basis van diensten.
  3. Afspraak 3: In overheidsverband delen we bewezen diensten.
  4. Afspraak 4: We communiceren bij voorkeur digitaal met burgers en bedrijven.
  5. Afspraak 5: We voeren administraties uitsluitend digitaal.
  6. Afspraak 6: Digitale werkruimtes bieden informatie op maat.
  7. Afspraak 7: Wij sluiten aan op de activiteiten van burgers en bedrijven.
  8. Afspraak 8: We ontwikkelen kennis over wet- en regelgeving en delen die.

More detailed data will be published soon.

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