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Generate a Standards Catalog Demo

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On every diagram, a legend can be added. A legend is a set of buttons to show, hide, or recolor entities according to the attribute values.

For this example, a Uses button is added. If you click on the Uses button, it is shown how often there is made use of the standard and the color in the circle indicates the use type of the standard.

In this way, you can easily see if the company is making use of prohibited standards or if certain mandatory standards are not used.

Next to standards, there are various other entity classes for which such an application is sensible, like principles and technologies.

This example shows a diagram at A4 page size. If you configure the A0 page size, you can easily visualize up to 500 standards in one overview.

standards catalog demo

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Demo Steps

Click on the Demo Steps

  • Step 1 Download Excel Sheet Download the example data in an Excel sheet here (or green button). Go to the Standards tab and edit the names of some standards.
  • Step 2 Upload in the ViewerUpload the Excel Sheet here (or blue button) with your changes in the Viewer. Go to the Standards Catalog in the Treeview and you see your updated Visualization.
  • Step 3 Draw ShapesClick the Edit button (bottom buttonbar) and drag a shape (standard) from the shapes panel onto the canvas (in Business Standards layer).
  • Step 4 Export to ExcelClick the Export button (top buttonbar) and export the data to the Excel Sheet.
  • Step 5 View ExcelOpen the Excel Sheet and check if you see your new standard in the Standards tab.
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