Generate a Standards Catalog
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NOTE: If you click on the .dragon1 file to open it, Windows will likely ask you for an app to associate with the .dragon1 extension. Choose Notepad if possible in the dialog.
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Generate a Standards Catalog


On every diagram a legend can be added. A legend is a set of buttons to show or hide or recolor entities according to attribute values.

For this example, a Uses button is added. If clicked on the Uses button, it is shown how often there is made use of the standard and color in the circle indicates the use-type of the standard.

In this way you can easily see if the company is making use of prohibited standards or if certain mandatory standards are not used.

Next to standards, there are various other entity classes for which such an application is sensible, like for instance principles and technologies.

This example shows a diagram at A4 page size. If you configure A0 page size, you can easily visualize up to 500 standards in one overview.

If you want to create a standards catalog like demonstrated here yourself, just download the .dragon1 file using the buttons above. Edit the .dragon1 file in Notepad and upload the .dragon1 file in the viewer and you can analyze and manage your standards better. You can also create a trial account and edit and view the atlas on the platform.

example standards usage