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Generate Gap Analysis Matrix using Template

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Do the Demo with a Data Visualization Template

Gap Analysis Matrices are diagrams and dashboards of essential value. Using Dragon1 you can generate a visualization using an excel sheet, templates and a JSON-API and focus on high-quality data, resulting in a great analysis.

Above you see an interactive example of a generated Gap Analysis on Dragon1 in the Viewer.

The Dragon1 Viewer is an application that can be used on, but it can also be embedded on any website or be run locally on your laptop or server.

You can yourself also have such a generated Gap Analysis Matrix by doing the demo below.

We have provided an Excel Sheet you can use to generate your own Gap Analysis Matrix with on Dragon1.

The demo you can do here, consists of 3 steps:

  • 1. You download the Excel Sheet and edit it with your data
  • 2. You convert the excel sheet into a .dragon1 File (JSON Structured)
  • 3. You upload the .dragon1 File in the Viewer and check out the generated diagram with its dashboard and manage your transformation in your company using the diagram and the dashboard.

A .dragon1 File demo

This demo is a diagram generation & analysis demo using the Gap Analysis template.

The purpose is to show how easy and fast you can create an interactive Gap Analysis Matrix diagram on Dragon1.

You see a generated diagram in the viewer above. This diagram was generated using the following .dragon1 file.

It is a specification of a Gap Analysis Matrix in the Dragon1 modeling language. Below you see a screenshot of an example .dragon1 File.

You can download the file, edit it in Notepad and upload it in the viewer

Below you see a static picture of the diagram of the Gap Analysis Matrix above. You can make use of the buttons on the buttonbar to switch on and off a category of items.

Gap Analysis Matrix

We also provide a local version of the viewer. Download the files below for that.

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