Generate Gap Analysis Matrix using Template
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NOTE: If you click on the .dragon1 file to open it, Windows will likely ask you for an app to associate with the .dragon1 extension. Choose Notepad if possible in the dialog.
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Generate Gap Analysis Matrix using Template

A .dragon1 File demo

This demo is a diagram generation & analysis demo using the Gap Analysis template.

The purpose is to show how easy and fast you can create an interactive Gap Analysis Matrix diagram on Dragon1.

You see a generated diagram in the viewer above. This diagram was generated using the following .dragon1 file.

It is a specification of a Gap Analysis Matrix in the Dragon1 modeling language. Below you see a screenshot of an example .dragon1 File.

You can download the file, edit it in Notepad and upload it in the viewer

Below you see a static picture of the diagram of the Gap Analysis Matrix above. You can make use of the buttons on the buttonbar to switch on and off a category of items.

Gap Analysis Matrix

We also provide a local version of the viewer. Download the files below for that.